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Canine Couture Has a Leg up in the Fashion Industry

CHICAGO – While top models were working the runways during New York fashion week, excitement was building in another more exclusive area of fashion. Designers at Oscar Newman Luxury Pet Couture were unveiling their new Spring/Summer 2006 collection. The celebrity favorite line of pet couture has added new coats, sweaters, tunics and tees complete with Swarovski crystal and pearl accents and unique fabrics to its fast growing collection.

The 2006 designs were inspired by pop culture fashion and trends as well as the runway shows in Europe. "You have celebrities walking the red carpet in avant garde, daring, and perhaps more non-conventional European designs, "says Carmina O'Connor, artist and one half of the Oscar Newman designer duo. "Now their furry companions can turn heads and intrigue the public as well." Oscar Newman's mission is to bring pet couture up to a new level in the fashion industry. The new collection stems from luxurious designs centered on fabrics, embellishments, and detailing reminiscent of high-end vintage couture.

"The trend for summer is all about embellishment and beautiful details, mixing of unexpected fabrics or elements, such as denim and satin, light ultra suede and crocheted trim, or embroidery or appliqués on cotton tees or jackets," says Charisa Antigua, the other half of the designer duo. "Ethnic touches are also hot, which inspired our tunic tees, and quilted appliqué coat."

Some of the most popular items include the beaded organza coat, which was specially hand-dyed to create two combinations: Tangerine/Fuchsia or Rainbow, and embroidered with silver metallic threads and beaded with crystal bars, sequins and pearls, the stretch denim dress with delicate floral embroidery and shimmering crystals bars and pearls that illuminate and adorn the bodice and the Swarovski crystal and genuine rice pearl doggie anklets. "Our new creations are limited and exclusive, says Antigua "Each item is individually accented with custom appliqués and original hand-embroidered designs." All products are exclusively handcrafted, limited edition works of art that are not massed-produced.

Combining inspiration from Roberto Cavalli, vintage Valentino and Versace with the designers own eclectic sense of style, Oscar Newman offers a complete line of coats, sweaters, t-shirts, dresses and jewelry to suit every pet's style and every owner's fashion sensibility. Prices for individual items range from $12 for anklets to $140 for a genuine leather coat. Sizes range from extra, extra small to large and fit small dogs up to approximately 20 pounds and 18 inches long.

Oscar Newman luxury pet couture is available at fine boutiques throughout the country. Please visit to find the location nearest you.

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