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Oscar Newman luxury pet couture is the ultimate fashion house for discerning pets and their owners. Offering an elegant line of apparel and accessories, Oscar Newman is committed to delivering exclusive, irresistibly distinctive fashions for an upscale clientele. World-renowned, and popular among celebrity clientele, Oscar Newman has also been exclusively featured in E! News Live, as the designer to celebrity pooches. Oscar Newman designs have been spotted on the Emmy red carpet on the pup of Star Jones-Reynolds, as well as the pooches of Paris Hilton, Nicole Ritchie, Hilary Duff, Britney Spears, Tori Spelling, Paula Abdul, to name a few. Oscar Newman has also created several exclusive one-of-a-kind pieces for Swarovski® Crystal.

Oscar Newman luxury pet couture is available at fine boutiques in the U.S. and throughout the world.



Fashionistas like us don't need an excuse to dress up. Whether it's to run to the grocery, stroll through the trendy "IT" avenue, or walk down a red carpet, looking good has always been paramount ---- and the same applies to our little furry companions. There's no denying that our beloved pet divas love to prance about in that perfect outfit, just as much as we do.

So spurred by our passion for puppies, kitties, and fashion, we at Oscar Newman set out to create the perfect pet collection. Our mission: to create truly unique and beautiful pet apparel and accessories guaranteed to elicit an elated gasp (often resulting from the discovery of the "to-die-for" coat or accessory). And in order to fulfill the growing trend for fashionable pet couture, we design our apparel for the discerning, fashion-forward clientele, who are looking for something truly distinctive for their babies.

Oscar Newman's obsession with irresistible elegance and fabulous detailing is apparent in every individually hand-embellished creation. We put a lot of thought and care in choosing our fabrics, crystals, and embellishments for our clothes and jewelry. Our designs include special hand-dyed fabrics and yarns, custom appliques, and original embroidered designs and hand-sewn beading. The result of all this fussiness is an ultra-exclusive collection, which blends couture luxury with casual ease. All embellishments used in our designs are created in house and never purchased off the shelf. Each item of clothing requires numerous of hours of labor, as each piece is touched by multiple artisans who have specific skills in either hand-beading, hand-smocking, or hand-crocheting.

We are also pleased to offer the first and only authentic hand-smocked dresses for dogs. True hand-smocking is an intricate and involved needle art that has been handed down through generations, originating in Europe over the past two centuries. Each Oscar Newman hand-smocked dress follows the meticulous art of hand-smocking, embellished with delicate hand-embroidery and beading.

Our pieces are not mass-produced, and due to the incredible artistry and workmanship that go into every piece of clothing or jewelry, we create only limited amounts. After all, you wouldn't want your little pampered precious to run into another fur ball donning the same outfit, now would you (!). Sounds a tad self-indulgent and spoiled perhaps? We certainly hope so.

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Oscar Newman believes that social responsibility and support for dogs and all animals is an important part of our mission. It has always been our ongoing objective to make a significant difference in the lives of less-fortunate animals. We hope to eradicate all puppy mills, we hope for a time when there will be no homeless pets, and we hope for a time when no unwanted pets will ever be born. We hope that you will help support this mission by giving to one or several animal welfare groups regularly.

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