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An excellent way to express yourself!

"My 2 yorkie girlies are my lil loves... they bring us so much joy & bring smiles to our faces daily! :) I, myself, LOVE fashion…. I dress every day depending on my mood (it's an EXCELLENT way to express yourself!!) My girls love to be pampered & truly love to get dressed up! (They've been doing it since they were babies & are lil fashion queens!) Whether we are going out for the day, to a play date with their other furry friends, a fabulous event or 'paw'ty.. They always dress for style, but also necessity (lil Gemma begins to shiver, when it's cool outside!) 

My lil fashionistas love Oscar Newman for MANY reasons!! The fabulous details, unique items, gorgeous accessories, the Truly Oscar line, & everything else that the O.N. brand offers!! Oscar Newman lets us express ourselves & show our style in SO many fashionable ways! We love mixing high end items with more casual (YET STYLISH) looks..& with Oscar Newman/Truly Oscar you are able to do that!! 

Oscar Newman is UNIQUE & LUXURIOUS.. they have everything: from the fancy party apparel.. to the casual, comfy, & cute items!(which we love!) Oscar Newman is known by EVERYONE & is the creme de la creme of pet fashion!!!! we ? Oscar Newman.. it is in one word FABULOUS!!.. 

My girls would do anything for Oscar Newman. J Gemma my lil muncher butt J even said she would even skip her treat ( THAT is LOVE)!!!!"

Meg Maldonado 
Orange County, CA

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