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Elderly and terminally ill children look forward to seeing new outfits!

"They don't skimp on quality or details because they are designing for 'just a dog.' They realize that pet parents are as devoted to their pet babies just as any parent is. They realize that pet parents take pride in their babies and would like to see the same attention to detail as you would see in quality children's clothing. I love the refreshing take Oscar Newman has on their collection that combines sweetness, class, and an adorable elegance. It brings out the Audrey Hepburn in all the pups who wear it. 

My little pup volunteers with the elderly and terminally ill children who absolutely love seeing her dressed up. Most of them look forward to see what she'll wear next and always have such big smiles when they see her outfits. I know their smiles would be as big as their hearts if they were to see her prancing in with some of the newest goodies from Oscar Newman. Thank you for having such wonderful and unique things to help spoil my pup. 

Here is a picture of her volunteering with the children at their Easter picnic. They just love making her dance on her hind legs and she loves all the extra attention (and treats of course)! "

Sara Alavi 
Loyola New Orleans Alum '07

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