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Oscar Newman® Optimistic About a Recession-Resistant Luxury Pet Market

 Oscar Newman Showcased in Prestigious Dallas World Trade Center Showroom

Geneva, IL - May 18, 2009. Oscar Newman® provider of luxury pet apparel and accessories is not concerned about the never-ending news on the lack-luster economy. Instead, they remain focused on catering to the lifestyles of pet lovers who regard pets as valued members of their family and who continue to spend for them regardless. "We understand the pet owner who does not hesitate to pamper and spoil their pets", explains Charisa Antigua, CEO and owner of Oscar Newman LLC. "Because we ourselves are those pet owners. And we believe that the luxury pet market is the one of the unique markets that can continue to weather the turbulent economic climate."

Confirming Oscar Newman's viewpoint, a luxury pet designers showroom, Black Label Pet Designers recently launched in the World Trade Center in Dallas, TX, with Oscar Newman as one of the designer brands offered. Owned by Heather Poole, the Black Label Pet Designers showroom is the first ever ready-to-wear pet designers showroom, with the intention of setting the standard in quality and excellence for luxurious pet lifestyles. "The showroom features unique designs from manufacturers all over the world, and only the true luxury lines are offered for upscale retailers." said Poole. "We have a juried selection process to ensure the consistency and standard of what the showroom is about, and we are thrilled to be able to carry the Oscar Newman luxury pet designer line in our showroom."

The Dallas World Trade Center caters to key buyers from Neiman Marcus, Saks, Nordstrom, Dillard's, Barney's, Grand Casinos, MGM, Golden Bear Catalog and many other high-end specialty boutiques throughout the U.S. More and more upscale ready-to-wear and specialty boutiques are adding pet sections to accommodate their clients. The Black Label Pet Designers Showroom represents an environment for buyers of both the ready-to-wear industry as well as the pet industry.

American Pet Products Association (APPA) estimated that in 2009, Americans will spend an approximate $45.4 billion on their pets -- a $2.2 billion increase from what pet owners shelled out in 2008. "Other pet-focused companies and private store owners are also likely to benefit from the industry's semi-impervious standing," says Bob Vetere, president of APPA. "I hate to use the word 'recession proof,' but the industry has certainly shown resistance in its performance up until this point," Vetere said. "People are cutting back on a lot of areas, but are not cutting back on their pets. They are postponing those vacations or downgrading their cars just to make sure that Fido and Fluffy are well taken care of."

Call it unconditional love, which industry experts hope will continue to see the pet industry through the country's troubled times.

Oscar Newman luxury pet couture is available at fine boutiques in the United States and throughout the world. The fashion line offers a complete collection of coats, sweaters, t-shirts, dresses, jewelry and other accessories to suit every pet's style and every owner's fashion sensibility. Prices for individual items range from $12 for anklets to $140 for a vintage-lined quilted coat. Please visit www.oscarnewman.comto view their latest collections or for more information.

For more information on the Black Label Pet Designers Showroom in the Dallas World Trade Center, please visit for information on the upcoming market dates.


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